About Kendahl

An avid producer, I am driven by collaboration. I enjoy parties with a purpose, am most inspired by travel, have a passion for storytelling and cherish intimate celebrations with dear friends and family. Oh yes, and I love to cook.

About the kitchen

Kendahl’s Kitchen seeks to educate, entertain and inspire young women through responsible eating that is both nutritious and tasty. We aim to engage women in a wider conversation of balancing indulgences with life-long healthy eating choices. We are dedicated to uplifting our community through the power of food.

Kendahl’s Kitchen is an online community for women looking for convenient, accessible and wholesome recipes. We offer meal planning, workshops and weekly food deliveries. Kendahl’s Kitchen will be a strong and positive force in improving access to healthy food in underserved communities. For every purchase you make with us, we will donate a meal to a local school in your area. Let’s nurture our community together.