Rosemary Chilean Sea Bass


This Lenten season, I decided to do the Daniel Fast. Never in my life, have I felt like such a sinner. What a life that Daniel lived, huh? I just couldn’t take it. Two weeks in, I was looking like a real winner. Committed, thinner, sacrificial-like, impressive to my dinner compadres. Wondering how much God was impressed with me and my Daniel-like fasting – all along thinking this must be how Daniel felt? Light and starving. For the first time in my life, I could actually count my abs. All fruits and veggies. I’m talking Beyonce in Dreamgirls; Halle Berry in every movie – look at my cheekbones because I’m serving all kinds of good-good. I was getting compliments left-and-right. But THEN, I went to Escalantes with Lalla. And I haven’t stopped sinning since.  Read More»

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